What Does The Bible Say About Drinking Alcohol

Is Getting Drunk A Mortal Sin?

Neither the Bible nor the Catholic Church prohibit the partaking of alcohol. However, drunkenness is a big no-no both in the Church and in the Bible. The biggest reason intoxication/drunkenness is considered sinful is because it makes it easier to commit other sins.   Is getting drunk a mortal sin? Read on to learn more. What Does … Read more

Are We Obligated To Attend Mass

Is Missing Mass A Mortal Sin?

Attending mass is an obligation that’s required in the ten commandments as well as the five Precepts of the Church. That’s why missing mass knowingly and without a valid reason is considered a mortal sin.  Are We Obligated To Attend Mass? The Catholic Church’s requirement that the faithful attend mass every Sunday comes from the ten … Read more

What Is Sin

Are All Sins The Same?

Searching around the internet many articles can be found on sin with its different contexts and interpretations. But what is sin, are all sins the same and… Could sin make Jesus not love us anymore? This Is what I will be addressing in an objective (bird’s eye perspective), biblical manner. I will try to keep … Read more

Is lying a mortal sin

Is Lying A Mortal Sin?

It seems like such an obvious fact that lying is a sin. We’ve grown up being taught by our parents, teachers and other authorities never to lie.  But the morality of lying is, surprisingly, a subject of debate among philosophical and religious experts. That’s because there are different kinds of lies.  Not everyone who lies … Read more

how do Catholics get to heaven

Who Can Forgive Sins According To The Bible?

Today we are going to address a question that many of our readers are asking: “Who can forgive sins according to the Bible?” The question looks straightforward; however, it’s also a point of contention among some Christians. Read on to learn more. What The Bible Says? Throughout the bible, the scripture states multiple times that … Read more

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