The Eagle as a Symbol of God’s Protection

What Does Hair Symbolize In The Bible?

What is the Biblical symbolism of hair? You may ask. The Bible has numerous references to hair and in each instance, it could mean one thing or the other. For instance, it could mean wisdom, health and beauty, vitality and so forth. Join us as we look at different Bible verses that speak of hair … Read more

Symbol of Wealth

What Does A Goat Symbolize In The Bible?

The Bible was written in regions and countries where goats were part of the livestock that people reared. Looking at instances where the goat is mentioned in the Bible from the times of Amos to Proverbs, to the New Testament, one can’t help but try and dig a little deeper into understanding the meaning behind … Read more

Symbols of Strength

What Does A Bull Symbolize In The Bible?

In Genesis, the Bible tells us of how Aaron exclaims at the golden calf. One begins to wonder how possible it is for a nation that saw God’s miracles stoop so low as to worship a calf. These are people who knew God’s commandments about idolatry and how God hates it. However, there must be … Read more

Symbol of Earthly Cares

What Do Thorns Symbolize in The Bible?

Some of the most conspicuous vegetation especially around the second week of July in Israel are thorns and thistles. These grow in the fields, along the roads, and at times on the edges of wheat fields and barley. Some farmers would use thorns as a border to guard their harvest. The Bible drawing from this … Read more

The Symbol Of A Fierce Enemy

What Does A Black Panther Symbolize In The Bible?

Back panthers are one of the most powerful and sleek creatures in the family that includes jaguars and leopards. They are fierce and can attain maximum speed within a very short time. This burst of energy has often been a source of admiration and inspiration to any. Mostly in the old testament and partly in … Read more

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