Teenage Outfit Ideas For Church

You should always dress smart and decent for church. It shows respect for the place and occasion. That doesn’t mean you have to wear boring outfits. There are lots of interesting and stylish outfits teenagers can wear to church. Here are some teenage outfit ideas for church. 

Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Boys

Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Boys

Most churches don’t have a strict dress code. As long as you are decent and look smart, you can pretty much choose any style you want. 

You can go full formal with a suit or a bit more casual with a pair of jeans or slacks and a shirt. Remember to keep the weather in mind when choosing an outfit. 

  • Slacks or dress pants are great if you want to dress up for church. You can wear them as part of a suit or balance them out with a polo shirt. 
  • If you want a more casual look, chinos, khakis, and corduroy are perfect. They are casual but still look smart. 
  • Jeans are acceptable in most churches. Just make sure they are smart and not too tight. Avoid ripped jeans or jean shorts. 
  • To avoid looking overly casual, it is also a good idea to steer clear of cargo pants, baggy pants, and sweatpants.  
  • As for the top half of your body, you can match slacks with a dress shirt if you want to look formal. This look is ideal for special church events like baptism. 
  • For a more casual look try a polo shirt, a short-sleeved shirt or a long-sleeve top such as a Henley shirt. A t-shirt can also look nice, but you may want to pair it with a coat, blazer or cardigan to avoid looking too casual. 
  • For shoes, wear dress shoes if you are going for a formal look or smart sneakers or tennis shoes for a more casual style.  

Feel free to play around with different colors. You don’t have to stick to muted neutral colors like gray and black. 

A pair of black slacks paired with a colorful polo or blazer will make you stand out in a good way. 

Just make sure whatever you wear doesn’t have any obscene graphics on it. 

Something else to keep in mind is that hats are generally not ideal in a church. If you wear one, remember to take it off in church. 

As for jewelry, keep it to a minimum like a simple chain or bracelet.  

Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Girls

Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Girls 

The same style advice for boys applies to girls: you can choose from a wide range of styles as long as you are smart and decent. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an appropriate outfit. 

  • There are tons of dress styles that look great for church. For warm weather, you can go with a simple knee-length sundress. Maxi and midi dresses also look great. If you want to go full formal, put on a knee-length tailored dress. 
  • When choosing the right dress for church, make sure it’s long enough (ideally knee-length or longer and has a high neckline). To avoid looking too casual, opt for short/long sleeve dresses over sleeveless ones. 
  • If you only have short dresses, pair it with tights to make the outfit more church-appropriate. A blazer or coat over a dress also works wonders if you want to make a casual dress a bit more formal. 
  • If you’d rather wear pants, dress pants or slacks pair well with just about any blouse or top. You can also add a coat on top. Chinos, jeans, crop pants and khakis also look great. Just avoid anything that’s ripped, too baggy or too tight. 
  • For cooler weather, you can wear a coat, blazer, trench coat or cardigan depending on how cold it is. Consider layering up so that you can adjust to changing weather. 
  • As for shoes, options include dress shoes, pumps, low heels, wedges, boots, and sneakers. The best choice depends on your outfit. 
  • Avoid excessive or flashy jewelry. Usually, a pair of studs or short earrings is enough. You can also add a small chain or bracelet. 

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and colors. Floral and colorful dresses or tops add a dash of brightness to the church. 

If you are nervous your dress is too loud, you can always balance it with a neutral colored coat or cardigan. 

Some dresses and outfits to avoid include anything backless, sheer clothing, a dress or top with a low neckline and a body-hugging outfit. 

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