What Happens When You Pray The Rosary?

The rosary also referred to as the Dominican rosary or in some cases, the holy rosary refers to a collection of prayers organized in sets used in the Catholic Church. The prayers are represented by a string of beads each of which is used a component prayer. There are many facts behind the rosary that most people do not know about. This article focuses on what happens when you pray the rosary as well as the history behind this significant catholic symbol.

What Is the History of The Rosary?

History of The Rosary

The rosary was known in the ninth century in various forms. It goes way back to the pious tradition whereby Saint Dominic was given the rosary in an apparition of the Virgin Mary in the church of Prouille the year 1214. In Latin, it is referred to as the rosarium in the sense of “crown of roses” or “garland of roses”.

Pope Pius v (1566-1576) established a set of fifteen prayers or what we commonly call the mysteries of the rosary. The mysteries are listed in three sets; Joyful mystery, sorrowful mystery and Glorious mystery.

The prayers that constitute the Rosary are arranged in a set of ten Hail Marys called decades. The decades are preceded with the Lord’s Prayer followed by the Glory Be followed by the O my Jesus Prayer. The “O my Jesus” Prayer is well known for the seven Fatima Prayers.

Different popes have prompted the rosary as part of the worship or reverence of Mary in the Catholic faith and church for more than four centuries.

Besides, the rosary is symbolic of the emphasis the Catholics have placed on the participation of Mary in the divine and physical life of Christ as well as the Mariological theme where Our Lady is seen as the gateway to Christ.

Devotion to the Rosary

One of the distinguishable features of catholic spirituality is the undivided devotion to the Rosary. Pope John Paul II established the centrality of the rosary in Christian spirituality.

Catholics believe that the Rosary is a powerful arsenal to help ward off evil and avoid falling into trials and temptations. Saints and Popes have provided a specific approach to guide the praying of the rosary.

There are several promises attributed to the power of praying the Rosary hence the respect, focus, sincerity of intention and reverence associated during this prayer. catholic priests recommend the Rosary as a type of penance after confession.

What happens when you pray the Rosary?

what happens when you pray the rosary

The Rosary is believed to be a prayer that can transform hearts and lives hence the many benefits that come with it.

1. Peace of mind

Praying the Rosary can bring forth peace of mind as one puts all his worries and intentions to God. One is comforted knowing that Jesus’ mother Mary is praying for them as well as their intentions. The comfort and trust afterwards make one have peace of mind.

2. Increase in love for Jesus

As one prays the Rosary, he meditates on the life of Jesus Christ. As one begins to understand the suffering that Jesus Christ had to endure to save mankind, the love for Jesus increases as well as faith in Him.

3. Unity with the Church

The Rosary is a prayer that has been recited worldwide for many centuries. This one prayer unites members of the Catholic Church in every corner of the world as well as the popes and priests.

4. Understanding the will of God

Praying the Rosary helps one to understand God’s teachings and ways. Often, God answers prayers at his own time and not as per our time, this prayer helps to build patience and content with whichever answer will be provided by God.

5. Accepting Mary’s request for peace

Hundreds of years ago, Mary appeared to the children in Fatima requesting them to pray the Rosary each day for peace to prevail in the world. Praying the Rosary is following her direction.

6. Building focus on God

The Rosary focuses on the life of Jesus Christ therefore when one prays the Rosary, they focus on God and his ways. One adores and recognizes God for his unconditional love to save mankind from the wages of sin. Taking time to focus on God and not ourselves pulls one from temptations and being self-centered.

7. You become more disciplined

The grace of discipline is forged every time you switch off your phone, quieten your mind to concentrate, sacrifice your sleep and pray even when tired. The more you pray the Rosary the more you want to continue praying the Rosary.

8. You become less selfish

The Rosary requires you to sacrifice your precious time for it each day. By doing this, you deny yourself certain comforts to make time for it. You, therefore, become less selfish by doing so.

9. You become more courageous

Placing your trust and life in the hands of Mary to lead you to Christ assures you and this will help to build your courage in the promises of God.

10. Praying for someone Else

You can you use the rosary prayer to intercede for a friend, a family member or someone else.

How Often Should One Pray The Rosary?

how often should you pray the rosary

There is no fixed schedule to pray the Rosary; however, it is recommended for one to pray the Rosary daily.

Traditionally, the joyful mysteries are said on Mondays, then on Tuesdays, you say the sorrowful mysteries, Wednesdays are for glorious mysteries, and Thursdays are reserved for luminous mysteries. On Friday, you begin the cycle with sorrowful mysteries, then joyful mysteries on Saturday and glorious on Sunday.

Praying the rosary takes about 20 minutes and it is recommended that you pray in the morning as it gives you a perfect start to your day. If you find yourself taking an hour or thereabouts, don’t worry as it is always rewarding to be in the presence of the Lord. Having said that, time should not be the main focus, instead, look at the content of your prayer and how deep your meditation is.


Praying the rosary is not a tradition, rather an intentional encounter with the Lord. As a Catholic, praying the rosary daily, Monday to Sunday gives you lots of transformative benefits stretching from the peace of mind to understanding the will of God. It gives us clarity in our spiritual journeys and makes us more disciplined.

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