what does an owl symbolize in the Bible

What Does An Owl Symbolize In The Bible?

Generally, birds are known to be powerful messengers that carry information from the divine. The owl is not any different. However, it has been a fascinating bird to many people across the world carrying with it lots of traditional beliefs and symbolisms. The fascination doesn’t end in traditional belief systems but extends to mainstream religious … Read more

what does fire symbolize in the Bible

What Does Fire Symbolize In The Bible?

Fire is one of the earliest inventions of man. Stretching back millions of years ago, fire has been instrumental in lots of man’s activities including heating, cooking, lighting protection, and even purification. Survivalists try to master fire and its use to stay alive in moments of crisis. Having said that, the Bible also has a … Read more

what does a wall symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Wall Symbolize In The Bible?

There is a saying that goes, ‘the more things change, the more they remain the same’. Well, one aspect of that is how the world has become today. We started from small economies, we opened up and globalization took over, and today the world is folding up again, building walls of separation and nationalism. Probably, … Read more

what does a lion symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Lion Symbolize In The Bible?

When it comes to symbolism, the Bible is not wanting. There are lots of inferences made to animals (crows, doves, etc) and even physical features. On animals, biblical symbolism about the lion almost always depict its protective or destructive nature. Anywhere the lion is mentioned, there is an immediate feeling of strength, power, and dominion. … Read more

what do crows symbolize in the Bible

What Do Crows Symbolize In The Bible?

Many people tend to confuse crows with ravens. While the two may appear to be of the same character, the Bible mentions about ravens but not a single time about crows. That notwithstanding, both are of the same family and have deep symbolism and meanings in Christianity. To set the record straight, ravens are larger … Read more

what do flies symbolize in the Bible

What Do Flies Symbolize In The Bible?

Flies are among the insects that have been mentioned in the Bible with respect to certain circumstances. Their mentioning is related in one way or the other to human existence and more so human attributes and behavioral traits. As we explore the different inferences of flies in the Bible, it helps to pay keen attention … Read more

what does a butterfly symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Butterfly Symbolize In The Bible?

The bible has used lots of illustrations and symbolism to help Christians grasp important concepts and principles. From birds to insects, the Bible stops at nothing to get the message out. Butterflies are an interesting lot of insects. Their lifecycle is one to be admired but also has lots of lessons and symbolism that we … Read more

what do moths symbolize in the Bible

What Do Moths Symbolize In The Bible?

The root of the word moth can be traced to both the Hebrew and Greek cultures from where the Bible draws a lot of its teachings. The Hebrew term for moth denotes “to fall away” just as the garments eaten moth fall away. References in scripture can be found in Isaiah 50:9, Hosea 5:12, and … Read more

what does a turtle symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Turtle Symbolize In The Bible?

Similarly to lions, turtles have been held in high esteem not just in cultural contexts but also in spirituality. Right from the ancient civilization, turtles have been admired and revered for their methodical pace and way of life. Many of them enjoyed such a long life. Cultures aside, what does the Bible say about turtles, … Read more

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