famous women of the bible

10 Famous Women Of The Bible

Right from the beginning of time (Eve in Genesis) to the end of times (the Woman of the Apocalypse in Revelation), women are frequently mentioned in the Bible, usually playing consequential roles.  In this post, we look at some of the most famous women of the Bible. Not all these women are famous for good … Read more

Seven In The Bible 

What Does 7 Mean In The Bible?

The Bible is heavy on numerical symbolism. There’s nowhere the Bible explicitly says that some numbers are holy and others are evil. But certain numbers are consistently associated with specific themes, aspects and messages.  In this post, we look at the number 7 and what it means in the Bible.  Seven In The Bible  Let’s … Read more

Meaning of 6 In The Bible 

New American Standard Bible Vs New Catholic Bible

Since the Tyndale Bible (the first proper English translation of the Bible) was published in the 1500s, there have been hundreds of other English translations including the famous King James Bible.  In this matchup, we compare two modern English Bible translations: the New American Standard Bible (NASB) vs the New Catholic Bible (NCB). We discuss … Read more

What Is Predestination

Bible Verses On Predestination Vs Free Will

There has been a decades-long religious debate on predestination vs. free will. There are those who say the two cannot coexist, while other experts argue for one or the other.  These debates raise many important questions. Does it matter that we live a righteous or sinful life if God has already determined our fate? Do … Read more

What Are Curses In The Bible?

Curses In The Bible: What Are They?

Curses are mentioned numerous times in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. In fact, the Bible starts off with God cursing the serpent as well as Adam and Eve for their sins of deceit and disobedience.  In this post, I explore the five kinds of curses you’ll come across in the Bible. I also … Read more

Predestination vs. Free Will

Mermaids In The Bible: Are They Good Or Evil?

Mermaids feature in many cultures around the world. They often feature in myths, legends, superstitions, and other kinds of folklore.  Some people say they are seductive creatures that lure people to their death, while other cultures regard them as benevolent beings. There are also those who say they cause tragedies like floods and shipwrecks.  What … Read more

what does a fish hook symbolize in the bible

What Does A Fish Hook Symbolize In The Bible?

Spiritually, a fish hook represents the ‘fishing’ of souls for God. In some instances, however, it can also represent the leading of christians away from faith and into sin.  In this post, we discuss what a fish hook symbolizes in the Bible and spiritually in general. We also look at the meaning behind other related … Read more

Who Are Manipulators In The Bible

What Does The Bible Say About Manipulators?

One of the warnings repeatedly mentioned in the Bible, particularly in the New Testament, is to watch out for and avoid manipulators.  Satan is the master manipulator but fellow humans can also lead us astray from the righteous path.  Here’s what the Bible says about manipulators and how to avoid them.  Who Are Manipulators In … Read more

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