do catholics read the bible

Do Catholics Read The Bible?

In many circles especially those where Protestant Christians are, Catholics are often criticized for not being as immersed in scripture as other denominations. Most often than not, this has something to do with the approach that Catholics have to scripture. Some suppose that the approach Catholics have to scripture is characterized by blind faith. According … Read more

what are the main roles of the catholic church

What Does The Bible Say About The Pope?

The bible does not directly mention ‘the pope’. There isn’t anyone with the title anywhere in the Bible.  That doesn’t mean the Papacy is an unbiblical institution. According to catholic doctrine, there’s a straight line from the authority and supremacy of the pope to Saint Peter, the head of the apostles and early church.  So … Read more

what does the Bible say about unbaptized babies

What Does The Bible Say About Unbaptized Babies?

Paedobaptism, christening or infant baptism is a common practice in many Christian branches including the Catholic Church. Infant or child baptism stands out from normal baptism of older Christians (called believer’s baptism), not just because of age, but because babies cannot possibly confess their faith. So, is it proper to baptize a child and what … Read more

who is lilith in the Catholic bible

Who Is Lilith In The Catholic Bible?

The origin of man and the creation story is always a fascinating tale. It has always been revered in the biblical context and any attach on the doctrine of creation is taken as the attach on the backbone of Christianity. According to the creation story, Adam and Eve were the first people that God created … Read more

what does fat symbolize in the Bible

What Does Fat Symbolize In The Bible?

In the Bible, fat is mentioned in lots of places. In most of them, it is mentioned in a positive light while in others, it is mentioned negatively. Whatever the case, fat has always been associated with fruitfulness, health, prosperity, and contentment. As we shall see reading on, the Bible is never silent on matters … Read more

what does the veil symbolize in the Bible

What Does The Veil Symbolize In The Bible?

According to the King James Version dictionary, a veil refers to a curtain or cover that intercepts the view of an object. To understand the symbolism of a veil, we bend back to the point where sin entered the world. At that very point, the sinner was separated from God. The consequence is that he … Read more

what do elephants symbolize in the Bible

What Do Elephants Symbolize In The Bible?

It is said that big things come in small packages. Whereas this may be true, it is not always the case; the elephant is testament to the fact that also big things can come in big packages. Just like its weight, the elephant has tons of insight we can gather from. The bible directly mentions … Read more

what does a rose symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Rose Symbolize In The Bible?

The bible is never silent about anything. It either mentions some things directly or draws symbolism that we can quickly learn from. In the Song of Solomon 2:1, the Bible says, “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” This is the first-ever reference the Bible makes to the rose. In … Read more

what does a dragonfly symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Dragonfly Symbolize In The Bible?

According to research, dragonflies date as far back as 300 million years. The original dragonflies that lived in the Paleozoic era had wingspans that measured up to two feet. However, this has since changed with wingspans becoming shorter now measuring anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. With over 5,000 known species of dragonflies, there is … Read more

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