Are Cherries Mentioned In The Bible

What Do Cherries Symbolize In The Bible?

The Bible mentions various fruits several times both in the Old and New Testament. These include figs, melons, olives, apples and grapes.  While cherries and cherry trees have various spiritual symbolisms, they are not mentioned in the Bible.  In this post, we discuss the spiritual meaning of cherries. We also touch a bit on the … Read more

Meaning of Fruits In The Bible

Best Book Of The Bible To Read When Depressed

There are plenty of verses that will brighten your day when you are feeling down. But what if you want to focus on a single book of the Bible? While all books of the Bible are inspiring and nourishing in their own way, there are some that are particularly great to read when you are … Read more

Was The Book Of Eli One Of The Books Removed From The Bible

Why Was The Book Of Eli Removed From The Bible?

The Bible doesn’t include all the major religious writings from long ago. As Christianity grew and spread, an accepted biblical canon gradually came into being.  Certain writings like the Didache were excluded and others like the deuterocanonical books were included only in certain Bibles, notably the Catholic Bible.  Was The Book Of Eli One Of … Read more

Is Atticus In The Bible

Who Was Atticus In The Bible?

Herodes Atticus was a wealthy Greek philosopher, teacher and orator who served as a consul and senator under Roman rule.  He is best known as the teacher of the famous stoic, Marcus Aurelius.  Is Atticus In The Bible? There is no one by the name Atticus in the Bible.  The most famous Atticus in history … Read more

Ashes As A Symbol of Penitence & Repentance

What Do Ashes Symbolize In The Bible?

Ashes in the Bible often symbolize mourning, repentance or contrition. There are many instances in the bible of people wearing sackcloth and ashes as a form of penitence. It was common practice in ancient Israel. In modern day Christianity, we encounter ashes during Ash Wednesday when Catholics, Lutherans and other denominations have an ash cross … Read more

Symbolism of Rams In Sacrifices

What Does A Ram Symbolize In The Bible?

A ram is a male sheep (as you probably know). Specifically, one that is not castrated. Rams were common flock animals in Ancient Israel. Along with lambs, goats and bulls, rams were often used in burnt offerings.  In this post, we discuss the symbolism of a ram in the Bible and the various contexts where … Read more

what does the bible say about tattoos

What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?

The issue of tattoos in Christianity is highly controversial. Some churches say tattoos amount to desecrating the temple of God (our bodies) while others are more lax about it. This post explains what the Bible says about tattoos as well as piercings and other types of body modifications.  What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos The … Read more

Meaning of Twins In The Bible 

What Do Twins Symbolize In The Bible?

There are surprisingly few mentions of twins in the Bible. There are just two sets of named twins in the Bible that we can be completely sure about. In this post, we talk about biblical twins and what twins symbolize in the bible.  Meaning of Twins In The Bible The Bible regards children as a blessing. … Read more

Symbol of Vileness and Impotence

What Do Worms Symbolize In The Bible?

Charles Robert Darwin was a geologist, naturalist, and biologist best known for the theory of natural selection. His contributions to evolutionary Biology, has earned him a special place in the history of mankind. In one of his submissions, Darwin suggested that the earth worm plays such a crucial role in the history of the world … Read more

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