Are All Sins The Same?

What Is Sin

Are All Sins The Same?

Searching around the internet many articles can be found on sin with its different contexts and interpretations. But what is sin, are all sins the same and… Could sin make Jesus not love us anymore? This Is what I will be addressing in an objective (bird’s eye perspective), biblical manner. I will try to keep … Read more

what does cake symbolize in the bible

What Does Cake Symbolize In The Bible?

The Bible is never silent on any subject. At times it speaks loudly on some thematic issues while at times it speaks figuratively. Just like in other subject matters, the Bible speaks of cakes and yeast and bread in different contexts. In this article, we shall look at each of these contexts to find out … Read more

Symbol of Servanthood

What Does The Axe Symbolize In the Bible?

The axe is a tool used for chopping and felling trees. In the Biblical times, the axe was also used for hewing timber for building. As a tool of trade, the Bible uses it in a symbolic way to show the different meanings of the axe based on context. This article will delve into all … Read more

A Symbol of God’s Promise Never to Destroy the Earth with Water

What Does A Rainbow Symbolize In The Bible?

There are so many myths that try to explain the supernatural aspects of the rainbow. Depending on the natural setting or ethnic extraction from which you draw the lessons, you could have so many meanings assigned to the rainbow. The Bible also mentions the rainbow in about 7 verses in scripture. Overall, the rainbow illustrates … Read more

Unclean Spirits

What Do Frogs Symbolize In The Bible?

Frogs may well be the green slimy creatures that hop in swaps and feed on bugs. However, the Bible speaks about frogs in a way that takes them off from the physical realm into the spiritual expanse. Both in Exodus and Revelation, the Bible speaks of frogs in quite a significant manner. To help wrap … Read more

Scorpions as Symbols of Punishment and Pain

What Do Scorpions Symbolize In The Bible?

The Bible is never silent. From creation to the prophesy on folding up of the world, it has mentioned several things including animate and inanimate objects. The scorpion both literal and symbolic, has been mentioned in the Old and New Testament with reference to a number of scenarios. In the sections below, we shall dive … Read more

Does God forgive all sins

Where Can You Find God?

The world tells us that there are many ways to get to God. We can see this in the diverse religions and the different denominations around us. No two groups seem to have the same beliefs or interpretation of the doctrine of the Scriptures. There are many voices, and many choices, all purporting to lead … Read more

What happens if a Catholic eats meat on Friday

What Happens If A Catholic Eats Meat On Friday?

Abstinence and fasting have been traditions in the Catholic church for centuries. They are a form of penance and a show of sacrifice.  One of the most common forms of abstinence is avoiding consumption of flesh meat on certain days. In most Catholic conferences these days include Fridays, Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. But specific … Read more

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