300 Things To Ask God For {Wishlist Challenge}

Prayer For The Man I Love

Prayer For The Man I Love {5 Examples}

A prayer for the man I love is a quiet but meaningful way to demonstrate your love. Love is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world, especially when it’s reciprocated. Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a true gift. If you’re lucky enough to find this kind of love, you should … Read more

4x Prayer for Forgiveness for Hurting Someone

Prayer For Forgiveness For Hurting Someone

The tragic reality of human nature is that despite having the best intentions, we’re inclined to slip up and hurt someone at some point. It’s something we can’t really engineer out of even if we try. And these mistakes or wrongdoings often leave most of us with feelings of shame, guilt, self-condemnation and sometimes humiliation. … Read more

Are Cherries Mentioned In The Bible

What Do Cherries Symbolize In The Bible?

The Bible mentions various fruits several times both in the Old and New Testament. These include figs, melons, olives, apples and grapes.  While cherries and cherry trees have various spiritual symbolisms, they are not mentioned in the Bible.  In this post, we discuss the spiritual meaning of cherries. We also touch a bit on the … Read more

Meaning of Fruits In The Bible

Best Book Of The Bible To Read When Depressed

There are plenty of verses that will brighten your day when you are feeling down. But what if you want to focus on a single book of the Bible? While all books of the Bible are inspiring and nourishing in their own way, there are some that are particularly great to read when you are … Read more

What Are Blessed Palms And What Do They Mean

How To Dispose Of Blessed Palms Properly?

Every year, on the Sunday just before Easter, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday to commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  In most countries, the main event during Palm Sunday is a procession where Christians carry blessed palms and later take them home or leave them at church. In this article, we explain where these … Read more

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