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why do Catholics worship saints

Why Do Catholics Worship Saints?

We’ll start this explanation on saints in catholicism with an explicit answer: Catholics do not worship saints.  This is a common misconception especially among protestants and unbelievers. It goes hand in hand with the false claim that ‘Catholics worship idols’, directly against the first commandment.  However, when you hear Catholics mention the venerated Saint, Virgin … Read more

how do Catholics get to heaven

How Do Catholics Get To Heaven?

“By his death and Resurrection, Jesus Christ has “opened” heaven to us…Heaven is the blessed community of all who are perfectly incorporated into Christ.” (CCC 1026)  By all descriptions in Christian literature, heaven sounds like a wonderful place. It is a symbol of hope for Catholics everywhere to keep holding onto their faith and doing … Read more

my husband is Catholic and i am not

My Husband Is Catholic And I Am Not

My husband is Catholic and i am not. Will it create issues during our life together? We receive similar questions almost every day. Yes, it’s best if both the groom and bride are baptized Catholics when partaking in a holy matrimony. However, the Catechism of the Catholic Church makes accomodations for mixed marriages (between a … Read more

Symbolic Offering for Nazarite Rituals

What Happens When You Pray The Rosary?

The rosary also referred to as the Dominican rosary or in some cases, the holy rosary refers to a collection of prayers organized in sets used in the Catholic Church. The prayers are represented by a string of beads each of which is used a component prayer. There are many facts behind the rosary that … Read more

Do Episcopalians Pray The Rosary

What To Wear To A Rosary Service?

It is not a surprise that some people confuse a rosary service and the normal reciting of the rosary. When we talk of a rosary service or a vigil prayer service, we mean the service that Catholics conduct in the evening preceding the Funeral Mass. Just like a wake or viewing, the rosary service has … Read more

how do you dispose of catholic religious items

What Does The Rosary Symbolize?

If there is anything with a deep history in the Catholic faith stretching back to the ancient of days is the rosary. Both pre-Christian and non-Christian societies and communities used the rosary in one way or the other-certainly, not in the form we know it today. For instance, in the 8th century BC, some Buddhists … Read more

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