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Where Did The List of Seven Deadly Sins Come From?

7 Deadly Sins Catholic List

While they are not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, the 7 deadly sins, also called capital or cardinal sins, form an important part of the Catholic faith.  The Church warns believers to avoid these capital sins as they are the root of other sins and immoralities. In this post, we discuss the 7 deadly sins … Read more

catholic vs lutheran vs protestant

Catholic Vs Lutheran Vs Protestant

There were other reformation movements before him, but it is really Martin Luther who set in motion the split between Protestantism and the Roman Catholic Church.  Today, many people are still confused about where Lutherans stand. Some will say they are no different from Catholics, others will say they are protestant, and there are those … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About God Answering Prayers

God Answers In 3 Ways To Your Prayer Requests

An important part of prayer is listening to God’s answers. Often, we think our prayers go unanswered or God says ‘no’ to them. This can make us lose faith and stop praying altogether.  But in most cases, the problem is that we don’t know how to discern God’s answers. We are so busy with our … Read more

Catholic vs. Lutheran & Protestant

Can A Pastor Have A Girlfriend?

Whether a pastor can have a girlfriend depends on the church they belong to. Some churches including the Catholic Church practice clerical celibacy, meaning pastors and priests cannot date or marry.  But many protestant churches have no such thing, and pastors can be in a relationship, as long as it’s proper and in line with … Read more

What Does A Rosary Symbolize

Broken Rosary {Spiritual Meaning}

As far as the Bible and the Catholic Church is concerned, a broken rosary doesn’t have any deeper spiritual meaning. It’s just a broken rosary.  But some cultures and people believe that a broken rosary means something, usually not good. In this post, I discuss those superstitions. I also explain what to do if your … Read more

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