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Can You Make Your Own Holy Water

What Happens If You Drink Holy Water?

In the Catholic Church, holy water is sprinkled on a person or an object to bless or cleanse them. There’s no liturgy or sacrament that involves drinking holy water.  That said, it’s not a sin if you drink holy water, whether deliberately or accidentally. But, it may not be safe for your health.  What Does … Read more

Can You Scatter Ashes After Cremation In The Catholic Church

Are Catholics Allowed To Be Cremated?

For a long time, the Catholic Church was opposed to cremation. But starting in 1963, the Church permitted the practice, while officially recommending burial/interment as the most reverential option.  Today, more and more Catholics prefer to cremate their departed loved ones. But there are still some restrictions on what you can and cannot do with … Read more

Symbol of Worthlessness

Why Do Catholics Believe In Purgatory?

Purgatory, the intermediate destination for less than pure souls after death, is mostly associated with the Catholic Church.  Other denominations like the Mormon church and Anglicanism also believe in a period or place of purification before entry into heaven, while others like Lutherans completely reject that notion.  So why do Catholics believe in purgatory and … Read more

What Does The Catholic Church Say About Divorce

What To Wear To A Catholic Wedding?

Catholic weddings range from semi-formal to casual depending on the parish and the location of the wedding. As long as you dress smartly and modestly, you’ll usually not go wrong with most Catholic weddings.  So what to wear to a Catholic wedding? Read on to learn more. Dressing Etiquette For A Catholic Wedding There isn’t a … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Drinking Alcohol

Is Getting Drunk A Mortal Sin?

Neither the Bible nor the Catholic Church prohibit the partaking of alcohol. However, drunkenness is a big no-no both in the Church and in the Bible. The biggest reason intoxication/drunkenness is considered sinful is because it makes it easier to commit other sins.   Is getting drunk a mortal sin? Read on to learn more. What Does … Read more

Are We Obligated To Attend Mass

Is Missing Mass A Mortal Sin?

Attending mass is an obligation that’s required in the ten commandments as well as the five Precepts of the Church. That’s why missing mass knowingly and without a valid reason is considered a mortal sin.  Are We Obligated To Attend Mass? The Catholic Church’s requirement that the faithful attend mass every Sunday comes from the ten … Read more

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