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Prayer for Alcoholic Son – Divine Intervention

You Know You Are Catholic When [10 Signs]

There are some obvious things that will mark you as Catholic: going to mass, receiving communion, and wearing a rosary around your neck.  But you’ll find yourself doing other ‘Catholic’ things without realizing it. Some of them are funny habits that you pick up after being a Catholic for some time. Others are important markers … Read more

How To Burn Incense At Home

How To Use Catholic Incense At Home?

Incense in the Catholic faith signifies holiness, purity, and God’s presence. It’s also used to proclaim blessings and during prayer. While incense is often burnt during mass and other religious events, you can also burn it at home. In this guide, we explain how to use catholic incense at home for spirituality or just to create … Read more

What exactly are the vows that nuns take

What Happens If A Nun Breaks Her Vows?

Nuns have three vows that they take when they join their religious order: chastity, poverty, and obedience. If any or all of these vows are broken nuns are required to leave their religious duties and their chosen community.  The process to become a nun can take over a decade. This is to ensure that a … Read more

What Is Sin

Are All Sins The Same?

Searching around the internet many articles can be found on sin with its different contexts and interpretations. But what is sin, are all sins the same and… Could sin make Jesus not love us anymore? This Is what I will be addressing in an objective (bird’s eye perspective), biblical manner. I will try to keep … Read more

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