Prayer For Unfaithful Husband {3 Examples}

No marriage is perfect, as a matter of fact, there are cases of infidelity in most marriages. It is a devastating experience to be cheated on. Unfaithfulness could lead to separation or the spouses may decide to stick with each other for the sake of their children. Many at times it comes as a surprise because the partner you trusted so much and would vouch for has betrayed your trust. Infidelity leads to broken marriages. You may decide not to separate but things may never be the same again. We can always run to God in prayer to restore our broken hearts.

3x Prayer For Unfaithful Husband

3x Prayer For Unfaithful Husband

Prayer for Husband to Change

God who sees even in darkness, I come to you with a wounded heart. My husband’s behavior is really breaking my heart. Please come and fight this battle for me. He has changed a lot lately and I feel like there’s another woman in his life. Please Lord touch him so that he can go back to being the sweet loving man I know. I believe that you can make even what seems impossible possible.

He comes late at night, drinks a lot, doesn’t spend the weekend with us anymore and he’s no more interested in me. He no longer asks how my day was, he doesn’t call me to ask me whether I have eaten, he doesn’t play with the children or treat us out. His change of behavior is really hurting me and the children. Father who is compassion and love, come to my rescue. I want my husband back.

Sometime back I confronted him about his change of behavior. He used to make a particular call which got me thinking, “is this just a harmless phone call or is it something I should worry about?” He made the call everyday, at wee hours of the night and the call would take over thirty minutes. Lord, I asked him if he was having an affair and he neither confirmed nor denied, all he did was avoid the question. Jesus what do I make of this?

I rebuke the spirit of lust upon my husband. He will change and start living according to Your will Lord, in Jesus Name. He will leave the other woman and realize that he was making a mistake. He will come back to his family because I know that he loves us so much and that’s why he still comes back home. He will be the sweet loving man I once knew, he will be the best father that our children know. In the mighty name of Jesus, I come against the spirit of lust, unfaithfulness and selfishness. I break the dark spirit that has been looming over and waging a silent but evil war against my marriage in Jesus name. I pray that the other woman would realize that what she is doing is not right and leave my husband. Dear Lord, show her that my husband is off limits.

In 2nd Timothy 2:22, Your word says that we should avoid the youthful passions and strive for righteousness, peace, love and faith together with those who call on the Lord for help with a pure heart. Lord please for the sake of my husband, whom with all my heart I adore, let him come back to his senses and do what is right and what pleases You. May he stop this infidelity and be a faithful man to his wife.


Prayer For Wisdom, Forgiving Heart And Inner Healing

My God, You who is slow to anger and rich in mercy, help me to handle my husband with wisdom during this trying times. Give me divine healing that comes only from you, to be able to forgive him and still take him back. I need You to help me know whether to restore my marriage or to opt out because of his infidelity which has torn my heart to pieces. Help me to be wise in dealing with this painful experience and know whether to leave or stay. I need You so much right now Lord, forsake me not.

Lord I feel frustrated in my marriage but I take comfort in 1st Corinthians 7:14. Your word says for the unbelieving husband is made holy through his wife, and wife through her husband. I pray that he becomes holy and do that which pleases You, Oh Lord.

He has hurt me many times over and over. Everlasting God, I come before you now in great need of your healing. Heal my heart for you are the doctor and physician of my soul. Please put back all the pieces of my shattered heart together. I surrender to you the hurtful events in my marriage where bitterness and anger have been allowed to fester in me. Lord, heal all the circumstances where i was denied love, affection, support and respect that i needed from him. Heal me so that I can be able to forgive his hurtful actions.

Father of all comfort forgive me for my faults as well. I might have pushed him to being unfaithful through my words or actions without knowing it. Please help me to know my mistakes so that I can change and become a better wife to him. Help me to have a forgiving heart just like You. I want to be able to forgive my husband for breaking our marriage covenant. Help me forgive his weaknesses and failures, his lack of love and affection, for taking me and what I do for granted and for his infidelity. Help him to realize that he has been unfair to us his family and know that asking for forgiveness and mending his ways is the wisest thing to do. Help him to have a repentant heart and determination to be faithful so that we can rebuild our marriage to be even stronger than before.


Giving Thanks

All-powerful and eternal God, I give you thanks for our lives. I thank you for our union. You have been with us through thick and thin. You have blessed our union with beautiful children. I thank you for my husband. He has been so supportive and selfless from the time we met. I thank you Lord.

Look kindly on us and salvage our marriage. You created man and woman and went ahead to blessed their union, turning them into a helper and supporter for each other. Remember us today. May we live many years together in love, joy and peace. May we always remember you in everything we do. May we always live according to what pleases you and may we raise our children in the right ways, showing them the right things to emulate and to bring them up knowing, following, loving and serving You Lord.

I give You thanks and praise for I believe You will fulfill my hearts desires.


Final Word

After realizing that your partner is unfaithful, it is good to examine what might have went wrong. Is it me or is it something else? Are there marital problems that existed before the infidelity? How did it all start? How did I get myself involved with another person. How do I start rebuilding the trust that once existed and how do we recover from the affair and rebuild our relationship?

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