Month: December 2020

rosary service is an important event

Why Do Catholics Pray The Rosary?

The recitation of the Holy Rosary is arguably one of the most beautiful devotions in the Catholic faith. The month of October is set apart as the month of the rosary. Where did the rosary come from? This article will not only dig into the reason why Catholics pray the rosary but, it will also … Read more

can a jehovah witness marry a Catholic

Can A Jehovah Witness Marry A Catholic?

In Christianity, interdenominational marriages are common but there are limits. You may have witnessed protestants marrying Catholics and vice versa, living happily thereafter. However, this is not an outright approval or an endorsement that interdenominational marriages are okay and should be encouraged. It is more of a case-by-case basis. One of the cases worth looking … Read more

can a Catholic go to a non denominational church

Can A Catholic Go To A Non-Denominational Church?

Faith is a very personal and important part of our lives. As such we would love to share it with the people we care about. We’ve heard and seen Catholics inviting non-Catholics to share in their important ceremonies and events such as Baptism, Sunday Mass and First Communion. Similarly, Catholics have been invited by their … Read more

who is lilith in the Catholic bible

Who Is Lilith In The Catholic Bible?

The origin of man and the creation story is always a fascinating tale. It has always been revered in the biblical context and any attach on the doctrine of creation is taken as the attach on the backbone of Christianity. According to the creation story, Adam and Eve were the first people that God created … Read more

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