Prayer For Ex Husband {3 Examples}

Any man you are married to is your husband. Man and wife relationships may not always succeed, and this might occasionally result in their separation. Since we are on a difficult road, we must always put our trust in God to guide us as we coexist in accordance with His will. Here’re 3 examples of a prayer for ex husband.

3x Prayer For Ex Husband

3x Prayer For Ex Husband

Prayer of Thanksgiving

God, you are all-knowing and eternal. I thank you for our existence. I thank you for bringing us together. You have always stood by us in good times and bad. Even our union has been blessed with lovely children. I am grateful to you for my ex-husband. He has always been incredibly encouraging and giving ever since I got to know him. I won’t try to hide the fact that he has been a good man despite his weaknesses. I thank you Lord.

Lord, I know we have separated and it is not right in your eyes. There is no divorce to you and therefore I plead for your forgiveness. No amount of words can justify our decision to separate but we needed the space in order to keep our sanity. Look kindly on us and salvage our marriage. You created a man and a woman and blessed their union, making them a help and support for each other. Remember us today dear Lord. As others are calling out for you, do not pass us by. May we live many years together in love, joy and peace. May we always remember you in everything we do. May we always live to do that which pleases you and may we raise our children in the right ways, showing them what’s right and how to emulate, know, follow, love and serve You Lord.

Thank you Lord Jesus that there is still hope for us. I thank you that he has not moved on to another woman. I thank you that he still checks and shows concern on me and his children. I give You thanks and praise for I believe You will fulfill my hearts desires.


Prayer for Ex-Husband to Change

Father you who sees even in darkness, I come before you with a heart that is terribly wounded. My ex-husband’s behavior really broke my heart. I really tried to put up with him but it reached a point that I could not take it anymore. Please come and fight this battle for me. He changed a lot lately and I felt the need to give him space so that he can reevaluate himself and decide whether he wants to continue with this marriage or not. Please Lord intervene, so that he can go back to being the sweet loving man I know.

My problem with him is his drinking. He returns home late at night extremely drunk, he doesn’t even have time to spend the weekend with us anymore because of his hangover. He no longer eats at home because when he arrives home he is already drunk, when at home all he does is sleep and cause tantrums, he doesn’t play with the children or treat us out. His change of behavior is really hurting me and the children. Anytime he tries to get close to me I feel disgusted by the smell of alcohol. Father you who is compassion and love, come to my rescue. I want my husband back.

Sometime back I confronted him about his change of behavior. He never used to drink this much. I wanted him to confide in me in case he had any problems and he was just trying to forget about them. I don’t know why suddenly he couldn’t trust me and open up to me. Jesus what do I make of this? Aside from his drinking addiction, he is such a wonderful man. I have asked him and pleaded with him time and again to stop drinking, not only because it made him shun away from his responsibilities but also because of health risks. I wanted to separate from him in order for him to realize there is more to lose if he wouldn’t change his ways.

I rebuke the spirit of alcohol addiction upon him. He will change and start living according to Your will Lord, in Jesus Name. He will stop going to drink with his buddies and realize that he was making a mistake. He will come back to his family because I know that he loves us so much more than alcohol. He will go back to being the sweet loving man I once knew, he will be that good dad that our children know of. In the mighty name of Jesus, I come against the spirit of dependency and enslavement to the drink and selfishness. I break the dark spirit that has been looming over and waging war against my marriage in Jesus name. I pray that he would realize that the bottle is not a friend but an enemy. Dear Lord, show him that alcohol is off limits.

In Ephesians 5:18, Your word tells us not to get drunk because it will only ruin us but instead to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lord please for the sake of my ex, let him do what is right and what pleases You. May he stop this drinking behavior and instead focus his energy on what’s important, serving you and taking care of the family you have given him.


Prayer for Wisdom and Forgiveness

My God, help me to handle him with wisdom during these trying times. Forgive him for all the hurt he has put us through. Forgive him because he has not taken care of himself. Give him wisdom so that he can differentiate what’s wrong from what’s right. I need You to teach me how to communicate with him better so that he can also feel my pain and know that I do care alot about him. Help me to be wise in dealing with this painful experience and heal me so that I can be able to forgive his actions. I need You Lord, forsake me not. Let us have respect and reverence for one another.

Lord I feel like giving up but I take comfort in 1st Corinthians 7:14. Your word says for the unbelieving husband is made righteous through his wife, and wife through her husband. I pray that he becomes righteous and do only what pleases You, Lord. Always protect him, be with him and guide him towards the right way. Let him not be led astray by the pleasures of the world but instead strive to put you first above all.

Father of all comfort help him to know that admitting to his mistakes and weaknesses is the wisest thing to do. Help him to mend his ways. Help him to grow closer to me but most especially You. Teach him to open up and communicate better, to trust me and be honest with me. Help us to be united and give him wisdom so that he won’t allow anything to come between us. Restore the strong bond that we had before separation.

I pray that Your Holy Mother, Mary, present throughout Your life, may be present in his life.


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