Prayer For My Mother In Law {5 Examples}

It is a blessing to have a mother in law. We should always pray for the people who are connected to us in one way or another, whether we get along or not therefore, we should always remember our mothers in law in our prayers.

5x Prayer For My Mother In Law

5x Prayer For My Mother In Law

Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for the gift of my mother in law. Thank you because not everyone has been privileged to have a mother in law but here I am with one, am so grateful. Help us to always live well with love, understanding and happiness, and to always do only that which pleases you. Thank you that you made it possible for us to be related through my spouse and we are now related as a family. Thank you also for the gift of life and good health, I am truly grateful.

I thank you that I came to know her and that I now have her in my life. It was your will for us to meet and be related through my spouse. Ever since we knew each other, I have seen your goodness towards her. You have always been there all step of the way. Thank you for always taking care of her and protecting our relationship even during the times when we disagreed. Thank you for always guiding and protecting her. Thank you for your will towards her life. Thank you Lord Jesus for all.


Prayer for Protection

Lord I thank you for your continued protection towards her life, I pray that you continue protecting her. Cover her with your most precious blood. Be with her in all her activities. Guide her towards the right path so that she can live according to your will. Lord I ask you to shine your light upon her.

Protect her against all evil. Always be with her even when she goes about her businesses. Be with her and guide her. Whatever the evil one might be planning against her, we rebuke it in Jesus name. No harm will come to her. Protect her against diseases of any sort. I declare good health at all times upon her life. Lord I believe that you will take charge of her life and everything she does. You will be with her every step of the way.

Lord cover her with your most precious blood and protect all that she does. The people that she meets and associates with, let them bring positivity to her life. Create a shield between her and the enemy so that no harm will come her way. Be with her now and forever. I pray this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer to be Closer to God

Holy Spirit, I invite you into her life, come and take control. I welcome you into her life and even the lives of her loved ones. Help her to always put you first above everything else. Give her the will and power to discern that which is evil from good and to be God fearing, to love and serve you. Help her to be always hopeful and to trust in your will. For the times that she has put herself and others above you, please pardon her. For all the times she has dreamt about her future hopes and plans without involving you, forgive her Lord.

Lord I know that sometimes she’s hard headed, doesn’t listen to anyone and likes to stir up arguments. She always says that whatever she is today is because of her hard work and no one else. She doesn’t acknowledge that she is where she is because it is your will. Lord teach her to be humble and know that everything happens because you want them to happen. Fill her with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that she can change her mindset and acknowledge you as the founder of her life. Make her thirst for you alone. Let her always put you first in all. In Jesus Name.


Prayer for Peace

Lord Almighty I place my mother in law into your hands, you know how argumentative she can be. Lord teach her to be calm. I pray for peace amongst us. Sometimes her behavior really breaks my heart and when I try to talk to her, she shuts me up. Lord please come and fight this battle for me because I have no one else to turn to. I really want to get along with her so that I can feel that I have a mother in her.

Father Lord sometimes she says really hurtful things to me. I don’t want to pretend in front of you that I am okay like I always do with my spouse. I may always pretend to understand her and be okay with her in front of others but you Lord know even what is hidden in our hearts. I want to have a mutual and peaceful life around her. Please forgive us for the times that we provoke each other and exchange words and abuses. Teach me to keep quiet instead of exchanging words. Teach her as well to accept me because it is your will for us to be a family. Teach her to treat me well and not make me uncomfortable. All I pray Lord is for peace, love, joy, understanding and happiness to prevail so that we can appreciate each other and live in harmony as we should.

Heavenly father, help us to live in love, peace and with happiness. Your son Jesus Christ loved us so much that He died on the cross to set us free. Grant that love, strengthened by our being related to each other, prove mightier than all the weaknesses and trials through which we may sometimes pass. Make our relationship a peaceful one that is made from heaven where you dwell so that anyone who meets us or knows us would immediately feel your presence and want to have such kind of relationship with people related to them. Give us happiness and let us live with joy to love and serve you.


Prayer for Blessings

Lord I want to pray for blessings upon her life. I pray that everything she puts her hand to will work. Her doors will open and she will be successful in life. No diseases or sicknesses will come to her in Jesus Name. That you will always be with her in her going out and coming in. That no evil will befall her and that she will always live a happy and fulfilling life. That Lord you will grant her hearts desires because you alone know the true desires of our hearts. Above all let your will be done upon her life.

Blessed virgin Mother Mary, you who is full of grace and blessed among women, pray for me to the Lord our God.


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