Prayer For Protection For Family

The blessing of having a family is something everyone should cherish. The most sensible thing to do is to dedicate our families in prayer. In order for them to live a long life, we should pray for God to protect our families. Here are 4 examples of a prayer for protection for family.

4x Prayer For Protection For Family

Prayer For Protection For Family

Thank you Prayer

I come before you in thankfulness, Father in heaven. I’m grateful that you gave me my family. I am grateful for their wellbeing and life. I am grateful for all the blessings you have given to us. Lord, there have been many occasions when we have disagreed on various issues, but I am grateful that despite all of our difficulties, we have always been able to work things out and support one another. Thank you for each and every one of my family member. I did not choose to be born into my family but it was your will that I end up with them and for that, I am always grateful.

Lord you have always been with them guiding and protecting them. You have always provided for them. I dare not complain about anything because that will be ungratefulness on my part. Lord you blessed me with a good family. Thank you because they have been present throughout my life. Thank you for the love, care and support they have given me. Even though they have always been strict and I sometimes find it difficult to live up to their expectations, I give you thanks Lord because their intentions have always been pure. They only want what’s best for me and for the fact that they have my interests at heart, I am grateful. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.


Protection Prayer Against Diseases

Almighty God, I thank you for being dependable towards us. Lord, I want to ask that you keep my family safe. Defend them against diseases. We found it to be quite difficult when one of us was hospitalized. You are aware of our experience. We were all genuinely terrified and could not help but feel afraid. He was in so much discomfort and was confined to a bed for so long. We even believed he wouldn’t survive. The doctor informed us that he had a fatal illness and that only a miracle could save him. We are grateful that you God can perform miracles because you healed him. Currently, he is healthy, returned home, and carrying on with his regular life.

Lord, I want to cover my family with your most priceless blood at this moment. In the powerful name of Jesus, I take on all illnesses. Lord, you’ll protect them from illness. Give them physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Jesus, Lord, you went about curing the sick. With just a simple command, you enabled the cripple to stand up and walk, you cleansed the lepers, and you opened the eyes of the blind. I give them up to your capable hands. I place their health and life in your loving care. I beg you to use your healing ability to help them. Eliminate all illnesses and diseases. Heal them so they can live out their remaining years free from the shackles of illness. Lord always protect them against diseases.

Lord, I give you praise for the gift of their current health. I give you thanks because they are still in good health. Lord I beseech you to ensure that their needs are met and give them power. Lord, they are growing older. Give them courage as they age so they can overcome the physical obstacles posed by their deteriorating bodies. Lord, you are our strength. Allow them to take energy from you to maintain their health because without your help they would not be healthy. In Jesus’s Name I pray.


Protection Prayer Against Accidents

Sweet Jesus grant them happiness and peace. The best medicine for maintaining health is always a quiet, peaceful mind and heart. Lord, take care of them. They have been kind to me, have cared for me, and have loved me. Reward them in a special way for being a good family. Give them a healthy, long life surrounded by those they love. Let them enjoy their remaining years in contentment. Wherever they may be, keep them safe from any kind of mishaps.

I come to you, Lord, pleading for your defense. Keep them safe and away from harm. Be with them as they enter and exit, guiding and protecting them. Maintain a loving embrace for them and pull them even closer to you. They have been instrumental in keeping me safe Lord, and they now require your protection as well. Protect their lives above anything else and shield them from harm.

God, surround them with your presence and be with them. They are in your hands now. Let your persistent attention win their hearts. Keep them near to one another and to me, and watch over them with your unending love. Every time they leave the house, cover them with your most precious blood. I cover the mode of transportation they’ll be taking with the Blood you shed at calvary. Protect them and guard them from any accidents, even when they are merely at home or anywhere else. No risk should be posed to them by the bad one. Do not allow the evil one snatch their lives untimely.


Protection Prayer Against Evil

Dear God, please accept my humble prayer as I bow down at your feet and beg you to keep my family safe from harm. They encounter evil frequently because there is evil in the world. They are surrounded by evil on all sides. They are not popular, so I kindly ask for their protection. I sense that there is danger after them, and I implore you, Lord, to keep them safe from harm. Keep them safe from all threats this planet has to offer.

I have recourse to you because of the risks that surround them every day. They are surrounded by a lot of evil. Get rid of evil in all its forms from their life. I believe that you Lord, are capable of doing anything and everything, including saving us from all evil. For this reason, I believe that you taught us the Lord’s Prayer and instructed us to pray by asking that you keep us from falling prey to temptations but instead saving us from all evil.

Lord Jesus, I implore your assistance for them. Be there for them as they leave and enter. Keep them safe from the bad in this world. Allow the tranquility and peace of heaven to fill their lives. They should be safe from all threats in life, including evil. Anyone who seeks to damage them in the name of Jesus Christ is opposed by me. That no strategy developed to harm them will be successful. Lord, you will always be at their side to lead and shield them from anyone who would do them harm. Protect them from their adversaries.

Mary mother of God pray for me.


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