Prayer To Comfort A Grieving Friend

The feeling of losing a loved one is devastating and we should always be there for our grief-stricken friends. Let us pray to God to give them peace in their hearts to be able to deal with their grief.

4x Prayer To Comfort A Grieving Friend

4x Prayer To Comfort A Grieving Friend

Prayer to Give Thanks

Abba Father, I come before your presence today, thanking you for the gift of life and health. Thank you most especially for the life of my friend. You have always been there for her and her entire family. Thank you for the times that she was opportuned to spend her time with her mother. I believe that their memories together will never depart from her heart. Thank you that you gave her the gift of a caring and loving mother and that she was present throughout her entire life until the time when you decided that you wanted her back with you.

She took care of her needs whenever she could. She always tried to give her the best. Even whenever she was struggling to take care of her and provide for her she never showed her that she was struggling. She never gave up but instead stood with her through the good and bad times. She was not able to give her everything she wanted but she gave her what she had. Thank you for all the happy years they enjoyed together. Thank you that she loved and cared for her selflessly.

Lord her mother was very sick but she was strong for her daughter. It was really tough for my friend when she came to learn that her mother’s illness was really bad and she had only a few months to live. Her illness could no longer be cured and all that was left was just to manage it. Lord the feeling of being helpless is the worst. Having no option but just accept that your mother is going to leave you soon is painful but I thank you Lord that this news came as a preparation for her so that she would come to terms with the fact that her mother would die sooner than expected. Lord I thank you that you gave them time to spend with each other before taking her. Thank you Lord Jesus for her.


Prayer for Comfort

God our Father in heaven, despite the fact that she knew that her mother was going to die, the death of her mother is really devastating to her. She is always in pain when she thinks and talks about her, she tries to act all strong but I know that she is not okay. I pray that you bring her comfort. May she find solace in the fact that her mother is now at a better place, free of sorrow, suffering and pain. May she be comforted that she dwells with you in heaven. Help her so that when she says she is okay, that would be so. Be with her my Lord, act as her mother and let her find comfort in your loving arms.

When her mother died on her arms, she could not believe it. Up till now she finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact that she’s no more. She always tells me that she hopes that one day she would wake up and realize that it was just a bad dream. Everytime there is a knock on the door, she rushes to open with the hope that her mother would be the one at the door. I pray Lord that you teach her to move on, to get past all this and to accept that she will never see her mother ever again. Comfort her during this time because if you hold her hand at this time and never let her go, I am certain that she will be able to pull through. Be with her my dear Lord. Through Jesus Christ I pray.


Prayer for Healing and Strength

Almighty God, Father of orphans, I pray for her divine healing and the strength to move on with her life. She keeps to herself nowadays and doesn’t want to hang out with anyone anymore. I come to you during this time that she is mourning her mother’s death, I surrender her feelings, emotions and most especially her heart to you. She has a heart ache and I believe that there is a medicine that can cure it, and that medicine is you my God. Let her draw the strength she needs to overcome her pain from you. Teach her to accept this path that all of us at some point will take when our time comes. Let her find solace in your word Hebrews 13:5, that you will never leave or abandon her.

Lord It is so hard for her to accept her loss. She says that she is angry at her mother for leaving her this early and she is also mad at herself for all the things she was not able to fulfill for her. She questions you Lord why you took her away. She had made alot of promises to her, to give her a better life. She will not able to fulfill them for her now and therefore it is hard for her to forgive herself for that. Please forgive her Lord for questioning your will. Help her to forgive her mother and herself for feeling that she left her soon and that she wasn’t able to fulfill the promises she made to her. Heal her heart Lord and give her the strength to accept your will, move on with her life and have have peace with herself and in her heart. Heal her internal wounds dear Lord.


Prayer for Rest

Jesus Christ our savior, in your death you opened a gateway to eternal life. Look kindly on her mother who passed away and all those who you have taken from this earth. Unite them with your passion and death, and saved by the blood you shed, may they come before you with confidence so that they would rest in peace and most especially my friend’s mother. Have mercy on her and accept her in your presence. Open your hands wide open and welcome her into your home that is rich with happiness, peace and all the good things. Save her from the fire of hell and lead her soul into heaven.

Almighty Father, I cry to you from the depths of my heart, pleading with you for her forgiveness so that she may find redemption from all her iniquities. God the Creator and Redeemer of all the world, grant her soul the remission of all her sins. I desire that through my prayers she may obtain pardon from you. That she may be worthy to live with you where you dwell. Lord hear my prayer.

Jesus, because of your bitter passion and the wounds on your body, have mercy on her. Because of your bitter agony and death on the cross, give her soul eternal rest. You were crucified on the cross to save mankind.

Lord grant her eternal rest and let perpetual light shine on her. May she rest in peace.


Mary, Mother of God, come to my assistance with Your powerful intercession.


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