Prayer To Open Spiritual Eyes And Ears

To be able to recognize and comprehend the supernatural, it is crucial that we beg God to open our spiritual eyes and ears. To truly walk in the Spirit and live our lives as Christians, we must do this. Here’re 2 examples of a prayer to open spiritual eyes and ears.

2x Prayer To Open Spiritual Eyes And Ears

2x Prayer To Open Spiritual Eyes And Ears

Prayer for spiritual awakening

Lord, in the name of Jesus, open my spiritual eyes so I can see things that my physical eyes cannot. I can see both good and bad with my natural eyes, but I need spiritual eyes to tell what is good from what is harmful. Lord, guide my steps and help me so that you can steer my road toward spiritual progress. In the name of Jesus, I speak divine insight and revelation into my life. Please, Lord, reveal yourself to me.

Lord Jesus, please let me see all the wonderful things you have in store for me. I’m confident in your good intentions for me. Make your will come to pass in my life. I’m grateful to you Lord Jesus for all the blessings you have given me. I pray that you keep working on and completing the good plans you have for me. I am appreciative of your kindness and providence. Help me to constantly be grateful in every circumstance, to list my blessings one by one, and I shall be in awe of what you have accomplished.

Jesus, take away the spiritual hindrances and the scales that have prevented me from seeing spiritually. I am aware that the evil one simply exists to do harm and ruin. Please help me to avoid his pitfalls and snares. I oppose any kind of diversion that would keep me from leading a holy life and leading my life in the spirit. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me the ability to discern every trap the evil one is using to attack me.

Lord Jesus, please open my eyes to everything that is concealed in the spiritual world and grant me insight so that I may enter it. I want to comprehend you so that I can convey to others your goodness and the significance of seeking your face and direction. Help me, Holy Spirit, to live simply to serve our heavenly father.

Holy Spirit, guide me in discerning what I cannot see. Increase my insight and faith. Please make it easier for me to distinguish between good and wrong so that I can only serve you.

You open my spiritual eyes to the knowledge of your word; teach me how to be a benefit to the community of Christ. Please make your word easier for me to read and comprehend, being able to apply what I have read to my daily life.

Show me the secrets of the kingdom. To be able to live in heaven with you when my time comes, please show me the appropriate course to choose. Please help me to be a good person so that I can have a better chance of going to heaven.

I ask for wisdom from above. To better understand the Holy Word and your teachings, please open my heart and mind. Help me to be in a position where I can explain to others what it takes to have a spiritual life. Give me the spiritual knowledge I need to make informed judgments. Help me, Lord, to be sincere in my worship, adoration, and service of you. To see you and your ways, please open my spiritual eyes.

Lord, help me to use my gifts in my relationship with you to bless others. Help me, Lord, to be humble in my search for you and to recognize that everything happens because you want it to. Let me serve as a mentor to others, pointing them in the direction of the appropriate course to take. Let me be a conduit for your goodness to reach others.

Lord, please open my spiritual eyes, and never let the light in my eyes fade.


Prayer for opening spiritual ears

Almighty Father, please give me spiritual hearing so I can be alert to hear you. Let me live as per your wishes. I ask that you guide my ways. As I get to know you and comprehend you better, I will be able to hear you, follow you, and never wander from your path. Help me to prioritize you above anything else. I want to love and serve you as I mature. Help me to fear you God so that I will only want to please you.

Give me the ability to identify right from wrong so that I can hear it and act on it. Please assist me in recognizing what is wrong and what is right in your view. Lord, please help me to resist doing things just to satisfy others, even though what I am doing is wrong in your eyes. Keep me away from unhealthy habits. Let me avoid doing wrong and opt to act morally. I can count on you, Jesus, to go before me, beside me, and behind me because you are always the same. Help me to do what is right.

I ask you, God, King of kings and Lord of lords, to educate me to revere your voice. Give me submission; a respectful, submissive child is a good child. I hope that everyone I encounter will sense your presence within me. Help me to develop into a caring adult who is also patient and merciful, like you. Help me to have a loving heart, one that is compassionate, and the desire to study and abide by your word. Give me the intelligence and wisdom to resist temptation and make the right decisions in life.

I invite the Holy Spirit to enter my life and take charge. I’m glad to have you in my life as you help me develop my spirituality. Help me to always have hope and to put my faith in your plan. Please forgive me for the times I have put myself or others before you. Please pardon me, Lord, for all the times I have daydreamed about my dreams and plans for the future without mentioning you.

Fill me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that I can recognize you as the creator of my life and have my spiritual eyes and ears open to what your purpose is for me. Make me thirsty just for you. Permit me to always put you first in everything I do and to constantly pay attention to your instructions.

Lord Jesus, each time you summoned Samuel, he went to Eli without realizing it was you. Eli instructed Samuel to respond to You when You call again after realizing it was You, Lord, who was calling. Though he ignored your message at first, you finally persuaded Eli to open his spiritual ears. I also ask that you open my spiritual ears to hear your voice and never let them get deaf.

I ask Mother Mary to pray to her son Jesus Christ on my behalf. I offer these prayers through Christ, our Lord.


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