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What Does The Bible Say About Drinking Alcohol

Is Getting Drunk A Mortal Sin?

Neither the Bible nor the Catholic Church prohibit the partaking of alcohol. However, drunkenness is a big no-no both in the Church and in the Bible. The biggest reason intoxication/drunkenness is considered sinful is because it makes it easier to commit other sins.   Is getting drunk a mortal sin? Read on to learn more. What Does … Read more

Are We Obligated To Attend Mass

Is Missing Mass A Mortal Sin?

Attending mass is an obligation that’s required in the ten commandments as well as the five Precepts of the Church. That’s why missing mass knowingly and without a valid reason is considered a mortal sin.  Are We Obligated To Attend Mass? The Catholic Church’s requirement that the faithful attend mass every Sunday comes from the ten … Read more

Is lying a mortal sin

Is Lying A Mortal Sin?

It seems like such an obvious fact that lying is a sin. We’ve grown up being taught by our parents, teachers and other authorities never to lie.  But the morality of lying is, surprisingly, a subject of debate among philosophical and religious experts. That’s because there are different kinds of lies.  Not everyone who lies … Read more

is leaving the catholic church a sin

Is Leaving The Catholic Church A Sin?

Up until 2010, Catholics could apply to formally defect from the Catholic Church. They had to send in a formal act of defection to the bishop of their baptismal diocese.   A note would then be made in your baptism register, noting your desire to leave the church.  Today, the only way to leave the Church … Read more

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