What Do Flies Symbolize In The Bible?

Flies are among the insects that have been mentioned in the Bible with respect to certain circumstances. Their mentioning is related in one way or the other to human existence and more so human attributes and behavioral traits. As we explore the different inferences of flies in the Bible, it helps to pay keen attention to the specific traits being highlighted. Read on to learn more on what do flies symbolize in the Bible.

The Danger Of Foolishness

what do flies symbolize in the Bible

In Ecclesiastes 10:1, the Bible says,

“As dead flies bring a stench to the perfumer’s oil, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.”

Whether the writer referred to poisonous flies or dead flies is not very clear but the message coming through is that of corruption and marring of wisdom. However little, foolishness can cause costly destruction.

It is an indirect call to exercise wisdom and ensure there is no space for misjudgment and foolishness.

God’s Wrath And Destruction

In the book of Exodus 8:21, the Bible records:

“If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the Egyptians will be full of flies; even the ground will be covered with them.”

This was a warning to Pharaoh and his people concerning their continued detention of the people of Israel.

It was a sign of God’s wrath and punishment intended to bring discomfort to the Egyptians. Flies are filthy and if they are directed towards certain people, they not only indicate uncleanliness but also demean the stature of the victims.

Neglecting Something Important

Personification Of Evil

Flies show up in unclean places. It may imply that among the gifts God has given you, one or two are not fully utilized and are thus rotting away.

When God blesses you with friendship, job, relationship or even good health and you are not appreciative, flies may appear to symbolize the underutilization and neglect of talent or gifting.

Holding Onto Something That You Should Release

In Ecclesiastes, the Bible is clear that there is time for everything under the sun. If God has determined that you should let go of something and you still hold fast onto it, flies may appear to symbolize that what you are holding is dead and you should let it go.

It could be a broken relationship that you are still clinging to, the loss of a job or business that you are crying over or anything else. It is time to let go and let God! Examine your life and release that which you shouldn’t keep on holding.

Misplaced Attention

Looking at Ecclesiastes 10:1 again, there is something that the Bible communicates about placement. Comparing the flies and the ointment, the flies are worthless and an eyesore. They are in the wrong space.

Therefore, the presence of flies in the ointment could be a symbol of misplaced things in your life. It is time to order your life and weed out unnecessary things that may be spoiling the purity and appeal of your life.

Personification Of Evil

Unlike butterflies, flies represent everything bad in this world. When flies follow you, it means that you are not happy. In fact, as long as they follow you, you will never know happiness. It is therefore a call to do all that is in your power to escape from the evil connotations and bad vibrations.

Take the presence of flies in your life as a bad omen associated with things such as broken families, unfulfilled daily obligations, and social strife.

Payback Time

Flies could a symbolic reminder that no sin goes unpunished. You’ll pay for every lamentation you’ve caused and every debt you have incurred.

However, in the same way, flies hover and fly away, you too can change your life and dedicate yourself afresh to the unselfish acts that will bring you honor and integrity.

For instance, you can dedicate yourself to charity or improving relationships with your family. In doing so, you are not just redeeming yourself but also whisking the flies away.


In the Bible, Beelzebub or Satan is mentioned severally. In some cases, it refers to Satan himself while in other inferences, it refers to the spirit. Whatever the case, Beelzebub is also known as the father of flies.

Satan is the king of deceit right from the garden of Eden where he deceived Adam and Eve to his present-day elaborate schemes.

Therefore, flies, whether in a vision or dream are symbolic of lies. There could be a characteristic of deception following you. Alternatively, you could be living a lie and as such in need of reviewing your life.


Should you be fearful of flies? Well, when they appear, you have every reason to be concerned. However, looking at it from another angle, you have every reason to be thankful because the flies may have come to warn you.

It can be a turning point in your life as you reconsider the elements that define who you are. Do a personal audit and make changes where needed.

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12 thoughts on “What Do Flies Symbolize In The Bible?”

  1. Being waken by the buzzing of a fly under a lamp light on my nightstand. Not sure where it came from, my inner being acknowledging the words” when are you fully going to surrender all to God”?.

  2. Hi All…Need to advise please…The last couple of months been noticing a fly when ever i read my BIBLE. was a Sunday Day School teacher.. but had to step down beacuse of personal issues… I can relate to the above website but find it hard to know if a sign from something EVIL.

    • Think hard about the 4 original sins or the 6 inclinations towards sin. It is an invitation to purify your soul. You can do this by growing your love and faith. Once you have a strong love and faith spiritually will come to you. All you will see then is the grace of the father. This will look like white feathers that your spiritual eyes will see. No fly will come to you then.

    • Billy, you can relax but you find it hard to know if a sign from something evil yet you were a Sunday school teacher? The enemy won again. Everything happens for a reason. God is the reason for everything. And you say the fly ONLY DOES IT WHEN READING YOUR BIBLE EH?

  3. Love is unconditional.
    I will consent to marry Satan, Prince of Light, Right and The Synchronities for all eternity in Heaven. Amen.


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