Prayer For Haters {5 Examples}

As we navigate this journey called life, we’re bound to come across people who dislike or hate us. It’s natural because not everyone will like you. While sometimes it is through no fault of our own, the hate can destabilize us a bit as we try to figure out what we did wrong.

Nobody really relishes the fact that someone hates or dislikes them for whatever reason. But some things are just out of your control. You can’t do anything about how people perceive or feel about you. You can try to find out why they feel the way they do about you, ignore them while still being respectful, or seek help from a professional.

As a Catholic, it’s best to just pray for them because that’s what the holy book instructs us to do. Praying helps us see the big picture and find peace. Whether you need wisdom, courage, or resilience to deal with haters, these prayers for haters can help you.

5x Prayer For Haters

5x Prayer For Haters

Prayer for Wisdom to Deal with Haters

Loving God, I’m here today to ask for Your divine guidance and wisdom. I choose to follow your command to bless and pray for those who curse and hate us. First, I ask You to forgive me for everything that I have done that could hinder my prayers. Renew my desire to always do good and guide me on the right path.

Lord, I don’t know why these people are being hateful. My conscious is clear, for I haven’t done anything to warrant this hatred. Jesus, You know my heart; I have never made any false information about them or their lives or even treated them unfairly. But despite this, they are still trying to make my life unbearable with seemingly never-ending insults, rudeness, false accusations and malicious intent.

Gracious God, I ask You to engulf me with Your wisdom and grace to know the right way to deal with this situation. Give me strength to overcome all the hate and not seek revenge. Give me clear guidance to navigate this situation in a way that will bring glory to Your name. Open my eyes to see and make the right choices. Help me to trust You and not lean on my own imperfect understanding. I know You are faithful and just and You’ll always stand by my side. Amen.

Prayer to Develop Resilience

Lord, my Alpha and Omega, I need You now more than ever. Come to my rescue and show me a way out of this, as Your direction is always the best way to go. Since I cannot stop people from hating me, help me to develop mental and emotional resilience as I wait on You. I ask You to give me strength when the hate threatens to destabilize my faith in You. Please renew my spirit and refresh my soul. Fill me with Your presence and help me trust Your process.

Fix my mind and heart as I move forward. Help me to remember that You’ll never leave my side or forsake me no matter what life throws at me. Remind me that I’m more than a conqueror even when I don’t feel like it. Teach me not to worry about anything. I pray this through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

Prayer for Letting Go of the Desire for Revenge

Dear Father, thank you for loving me despite my indiscretions. My heart is heavy and I feel like I can’t take the hate anymore. I know the right thing to do is just to ignore the haters and pray that they see me in a different light. But I’m bowed low with the burden of keeping it together. Sometimes I find myself craving revenge. Lord, I’m desperate for you to cleanse my mind from these evil thoughts. Cover me with Your loving grace so that I may begin to think like You.

Give me strength to stand firm and not give into the temptation of repaying hate for hate and evil for evil. In due time, I know you’ll bring justice for all the hate, insults, false accusations and malicious intent aimed at me. I only look up to You, Father, my shield and protector. I cannot do this on my own, Lord. Teach me to do Your will and help me to let go of the desire to seek revenge. All this I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer for Haters to Overcome Hatred in their Hearts

Lord, You are holy and righteous. You’re worthy of being glorified today and every day. Precious Father, I surrender my haters to you. I pray that You visit each and every one of them today.

Cleanse their hearts and spirits. Remove all the hatred and impure thoughts that dwell in their minds and souls. As much as they hate me, I don’t want them to suffer for lack of better judgment. Heal their brokenness or traumas causing them to act the way they do. Open their eyes to see that what they’re doing to me is wrong.

Shine Your bright light upon them and steer them in the right direction before it’s too late. I pray that You transform their hate into love and understanding. O’ graceful one, You never fail to amaze me. There’s nothing You can’t do and there’s no one You can’t change. Thank You for Your unconditional love and faithfulness. Amen.

Prayer for Love and Kindness

Lord, I know it’s only love that can conquer hate. But it’s not really easy to love someone who insults and falsely accuses you of all manner of things. I’m here to ask You to fill my heart with Your incredible and never-ending love so that I can love my haters the way You love me.

Teach me to be compassionate to them as You are to me even when I feel it’s not deserved. Help me to forgive their wrongdoings just as You forgave me. Bless me with the capacity to spread kindness even when they’re not being so nice. Help me to see the good in them and let me leave the battle and judging to You. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

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  1. These prayers have filled my heart and mind with happiness. I am so happy to have found these prayers. To know that I am being hated and feel totally rejected by people who are close to me was becoming intolerable until somehow, I found my way to these lifesaving prayers.


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