Prayer For Someone Facing Jail Time

Jail is meant to correct the people who have made mistakes. However, not everyone takes it as correction. Some would take it as a punishment and learn nothing from it. We should therefore pray to God to enlighten their minds so that they would learn positively from the experience.

3x Prayer For Someone Facing Jail Time

3x Prayer For Someone Facing Jail Time

Prayer for Forgiveness

God, all-knowing I come to you praying for my best friend who is facing jail time. I thank you so much for the gift of his life and health. What greater gift would anyone ask for aside from those? He committed a crime against humanity, the law and above all against You Lord. I ask you to please pardon him. He is just a human being and we all make mistakes. He is repentant and wants your forgiveness. Lord if you would count all our sins, then no one would be worthy to stand before you. I thank you because you are a forgiving God and I know that you will forgive him of his faults.

Lord, he said he was sorry but the person he offended is still bitter. He hurt the person so badly and is therefore reluctant on forgiving him. Lord please teach this person the true meaning of forgiveness. Send your Holy Spirit in a special way to this person’s life so that he can be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and learn to forgive. My friend was repentant and asked him for forgiveness and this should be able to soften his heart towards my friend. Let him remember that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from the bondage of sin. Please touch him and give him a forgiving heart.

God our Father, you who is loving and Merciful, you have always loved us and forgiven us our sins. When we come to you confessing our sins, you show us mercy and give us other chances. Lord you are compassion and love, slow to anger and rich in mercy. I pray to you to forgive us our sins and most especially I commit my friend to you, have mercy on him and help him serve his jail time knowing that you have already forgiven him.

Do not forsake him dear Lord but in your mercy grant him pardon for his sins.


Prayer for Transformation

Almighty and ever living God, I come before you with thanksgiving in my heart. For the fact that you gave me a good friend who is not perfect, am thankful. I commit his life, words, thoughts, plans and everything else into your able hands. I pray that you may transform him to become a good person who only lives to please you. Open up his mind to understand that you are the one who gave him his life and may take it anytime, any day as you please. Help them know that being righteous is what you want and that he should live to love and serve you every day of his life.

I have tried countless times to give him advice on how to avoid making mistakes. Lord I have tried the best I could to show him that the crimes he engages in would only lead him to jail and eventually prison but he still ends up doing this crime or the other. He blames his wayward kind of lifestyle on unemployment. He engages in robbery with or without violence. We have been childhood friends and he was never like that. I don’t understand what changed in him. Either it is because of his company of friends or something else that he has not yet opened up to me about. I want my friend back dear Lord. The kind-hearted and good friend that I grew up with and have always known.

Father Lord, I need your divine intervention. Please come down and salvage his situation. I don’t want my friend to end up dead because he might one day wrong a person who believes in taking matters in their own hands. I need him alive and changed. I know that no one is perfect but let him try to be perfect. I believe that it is not impossible, far from it. Lord please help him realize that anyone can make a living the honest way by working hard. Reveal to him that money earned from one’s sweat is the best. Open up a way for him to get employment so that he would have no reason to engage in stealing.

I come against the evil spirit that has possessed my friend to always take people’s things without permission. I rebuke the devil that has taken possession of his mind, that the devil has no place in my friend’s life in the mighty name of Jesus. Take control Holy Spirit, I welcome you to take control of his life. Lead him towards the right path so that he may be transformed to become a good person who detests evil. Help him to change and become a good example and role model to other people who also want to transform. Let him not learn anything from this experience and even come out of jail worse than he went in, but instead help him learn a lot and come out a completely different person with a noticeable positive impact and change on himself and others.

I believe in the possibility of him being transformed. I trust in you Lord to bring him back to you, to become a good person in the society and even an example of miraculous change to other people who are battling the evil spirit of crime. Help him to draw the strength he needs to transform from you. Let this time that he is serving his jail time open up his eyes, mind and heart to be good to you and to others.

In Jesus name I pray trusting and believing that he will change.


Prayer for Protection

God our creator, you who is our protector, I pray that you may protect my friend at all times. Send down his guardian angel to always be by his side. Protect him especially during this time that he is serving his jail time. Protect the jail, the guards, the inmates, their properties and everyone else who goes in and out of that place together with their properties.  Be his guide and protector. Guide him to do and say things that are right and glorify you. Help him to avoid violence even when provoked. Help him to live with his fellow inmates and even the guards in peace.

Father, different people in jail have different personalities. Some derive pleasure in violence and bullying. They provoke and start fights with other inmates. They are chaotic and are always content when they have caused destruction of property and unrest amongst themselves. They even go to the extent of hurting others or even worse taking lives in order to achieve whatever they want.

Lord please protect my friend from such people. Be with him so that he would not get bullied or get hurt while serving his jail time. Protect him so that he does not engage in fights or riots that would cost him more time in jail. Be with him dear Lord and when he comes out in one piece all glory will go back to you because you are worthy of our praises and all glory and honor will forever be yours.

I pray all these and plead humbly with mother Mary to pray for us through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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