Prayer For Unfair Treatment At Work {3 Examples}

The book of John 16:33 tells us that in this earth that our Lord created, we will have numerous trials and tribulations to face. But in everything we remain courageous for Jesus has already won the victory. If you’re having some problems at your job, here are a few good prayers for unfair treatment at work.

3x Prayer For Unfair Treatment At Work

prayer for unfair treatment at work


Proverbs 28: 13 Whosoever conceals or hides his transgressions will not prosper, but to those who confess and forsake them, I will show mercy.

Creator of Everything, Giver of Life; in everything I give thanks to you. I’m grateful for all the many, many ways you’ve blessed me, particularly with this job of mine. Not only does it pay my bills and put a meal on my table, but it’s been a blessing to my family as well!  

So I praise your Holy name, and give thanks since ALL work has significance. Almighty Father, through my words, actions, and the good work I do to bring order to find sustenance, let me bring you glory today.

Mary Mother of God, grant me the perspective to view my work as a privileged blessing and not a curse. Grant me grace like rain, and strength like Samson for the hardest aspects of my job. I yearn for the day I can regain joy in even the minutest of tasks.

I am indeed grateful Almighty Father, that you planted this seed deep in my heart and granted me the opportunity and resources to use it and serve others, like you did for your children. I pray that you please show me the way. What do you want me to do next with this gift of mine? Grant me the wisdom to make wise decisions and always keep me dead focused on the righteous path you continue to unravel before me.

King of Kings, I come before you with some difficulties that I’m experiencing at the work place.  Right here and now, I lay before you all the stress it creates for me. I leave unto you all the tensions that I know You are well aware of. Grant me all the wisdom and grace to respect my boss and other superiors, but I also need strength not to be mistreated. Hold my hand as I seek to negotiate, so that I may stand firmly on my ground, and remain respectful of my colleagues as well.  In this trying time, I choose Oh God, to lean on you, for nowhere else but in you can I find a helping hand.


For My Boss To Appreciate Me

Mighty Savior Adonai, You’ve known me and love me unconditionally, ever since I was in my mother’s womb. By your power and grace, You hold everything together.  Today, I come to you in prayer humbly asking that you resolve the adversity I have at the workplace.

Even though I work extra and go above and beyond the call of duty, I feel so very unappreciated Dear Lord. And my bosses, as well as supervisors do NOT even seem to notice! I ask that you surround me with your Holy aura and protect me from whatever is blocking my blessings. 

But most importantly, I pray to the Virgin Mary to grant me her grace and patience; that I may remain resolute and confident in my hard work; that I may never doubt my abilities or Gifts that the Lord has given me, regardless of any or no validation that might come my way from others.  All knowing creator, I ask that you help me trust that should I continue to work hard, you will open the eyes and let the powers that be that notice of me. 

But Father, I also know that I am not perfect. I am just human and have my weaknesses as well. So I humbly beseech you to work on my weaknesses, and mold them away so my boss is able to see progress and remain confident in my talents. I pray to You to help my boss shift focus away from my weaknesses, and instead see me for my strengths.  Let my superiors view in plain sight, all the wonderful qualities I possess that could be very beneficial to this company. I thank you for this and more, and I believe you have already delivered.


For Problems With Customers/Colleagues

Our Father who art in heaven, I am just but a humble child of yours trying to earn an honest living. Working involves dealing with all sorts of people every day and I definitely understand that they may not always be in a good mood.

I ask, Dear Lord, that you help me communicate calmly with impatient customers and colleagues; that you grant me grace to talk with empathy and treat them in a way that they will be satisfied. And in the midst of anger and impatience, grant me the patience of Job who was tested but never once faltered.

From my facial expressions, emotions, tone, actions and emotions, give me full control of all my faculties when communicating with everyone. Speak your words into my tongue and use me as a vessel so that whosoever talks to me may see the glory and wonders of being a Christian.

And for all the toxic coworkers and colleagues at my workplace sowing discord and strife amongst others, show them your path and give them peace to know what it means to become part of your family. Open their eyes Jehovah, that they may see the harm of their own ways. And for all those who have been hurt by the actions of these bullies, I ask that forgiveness and mercy may be in the hearts; that they may deal with the issue with both professionalism and your grace. Let unity be among us as a team once more, and that we all start treating each other respectfully.” For like St. Francis says, “Plants, animals, humans, the environment, and all of nature really are one big happy family, brothers and sisters under God.”


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