Prayer For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not uncommon. It may happen to anyone – even people that we closely relate to. Some may open up but most people choose to suffer in silence. Due to the emotional and physical trauma, let us always remember them in our prayers.

5x Prayer For Victims Of Domestic Violence

5x Prayer For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Prayer for Protection

God our savior, we come to you praying for the victims of domestic violence. Lord we want to thank you for the gifts of their lives. Guide and continue to protect them from abuse. The harm may not always be physical but also emotional, verbal and mental. We beseech you to protect and defend them in all struggles against the everyday temptations that they are faced with. Please guide them against these abuses so that they will remain safe at all times. We surrender their lives, thoughts, weaknesses, fears, relationships, everything they are and everything they are striving to be into your able hands.

Due to love, people get into relationships. But they never expect to experience such problems as domestic violence. No one wants to be abused, disrespected or stripped of their self-esteem. Lord, we ask you to protect these relationships so that they can be built once more on love and respect, just like the love that your son Jesus Christ showed us by dying on the cross just to set us free from the bondage of sin. God Almighty, Keep them all safe in their relationships in Jesus name.


Prayer for Wisdom

Almighty God we pray for wisdom for the victims of domestic abuse. Fill them, Lord with your Holy Spirit and grant them the gifts of wisdom and discernment so that they will live each day for your glory by doing whatever is right. We call upon you and ask you for your guidance and assistance in the important task of making tough decisions.

Lord, most of the victims eventually become doubtful about their relationships. They start to feel like leaving everything behind and start afresh far from their abusive partners. Help them to learn how to mind and care for themselves as well. Give them peace of mind so that they can be able to make good decisions guided by your Holy Spirit. Obtain for them through your intercession the light of God’s grace, so that they may decide wisely concerning the person who is abusing them.

We also pray for the abusers, fill them with your Holy Spirit and grant them the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment to acknowledge that they are hurting the other person. Help them to learn to love because a person that loves would not wish harm on their loved ones. May all their actions and movements be guided by your Holy Spirit and the love that you show us. Help them to have a clear mind to be caring and loving individuals so that they can transfer this love and care to other people.


Prayer for Change

Our Holy Mother Mary, we ask you to help the perpetrators of domestic abuse to change. Help them to handle issues wisely. Sometimes they may cause provocation which leads to pain and hurt. Lord, help them to know that a peaceful relationship leads to a happy home. Give them a character which will reflect the traits of Jesus and Mother Mary in order to have a new life of happiness in their relationship.

Help them realize that in every relationship there are ups and downs because we are simply humans and we cannot be perfect. Help them to handle issues without anger. Help them to change from their abusive behavior, repent and amend their ways. Help them learn to shut their mouth full of abuses, their hands and legs full of slaps, punches and kicks. Let them look to you always in order to solve their problems with love and understanding which comes from you. We come against the spirit of violence and ask you to free them from such behavior. We trust that you will always come to their aid. In Jesus name we pray.


Prayer for Healing

God, comfort of the afflicted, we come to you and pray for healing of the affected. They have been hurt not only physically but also emotionally and verbally. Heal their minds and bodies for you are the physician and doctor of our hearts. We surrender to you all the hurtful events that have occurred in their lives, where anger and bitterness have been allowed to fester in their hearts.

Lord heal all the circumstances where they were denied love, affection, care, happiness, joy, peace, support and respect that they were in dire need of. Put all the shattered pieces of their lives back together in one piece. Heal their hearts so that they can receive the divine power of forgiveness that comes only from you.

Almighty God heal the abusers from their anger and resentment. Free them from their past experiences that led them to become so cold and distant. Help them to realize that you love us all and that we are a treasure to you. Heal them so that they can have a forgiving heart and be able to handle issues in a Godly manner. Help them to learn to forgive and not to always solve issues violently. Heal them from the anger and resentment that they have towards the people that they claim to love.

Matthew 6:14-15. Help them to know that you are a forgiving God and can lead them to making their hearts loving and free from anger.


Prayer for Restoration

God our creator, we pray for the restoration of their broken trust, love and relationships. Almighty God you who mends the hearts of the broken hearted, come to their rescue. Give them love so that they can be able to treat each other right. Let them draw their strength from you and realize that all hope is not lost. Be with them and guide them on the right words to say and on the right actions to do. We believe that if you lead and guide their steps, they will be able to do things according to your will.

Help them forgive each other’s weaknesses and failures, their lack of love and affection, the abuses and all the violence in their relationship. Help them to realize that they have been unfair to each other and know that asking for forgiveness and mending their ways is the wisest thing to do. Help them to have repentant hearts and determination to be loving and caring so that they can rebuild their relationship to be even stronger than before.

We put all our supplications and prayers before our most loving, ever virgin, Mother Mary to pray for us to the Lord our God.


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